Kerala Home Design with Elevation 1727 square feet

Kerala House Plans

Kerala home design with attractive elevation and bueatiful roofing. This home design created by acube creators. This double floor house ground floor  includes  Sit out, Living, Formal living, Dining
Bedroom attached toilet & dress, Prayer room, Kitchen and work area
Work area.

First floor includes Family living, Bedroom attached, Bedroom, Common toilet, Balcony

Ground floor _1049 sq.ft
  • Sit out
  • Living
  • Formal living
  • Dining
  • Bedroom attached toilet & dress
  • Prayer room
  • Kitchen
  • Work area

First floor _678 sq.ft
  • Family living
  • Bedroom attached
  • Bedroom
  • Common toilet
  • Balcony
Total : 1727 sq.ft

Kerala home design with elevation with kerala style charupadi. This bueatiful kerala style home design is created by A-cube creators


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